Reduce Your Risk Profile

Outsourcing the audit requirements of your SMSF clients can be incorporated as part of your risk management compliance requirement.


Ensures your compliance with APES 110 Professional Independence under Code of Ethics for professional accountants. This will become a more focused area as required by ASIC when the new auditor registration comes into effect.

 Core Business

You can maintain your focus, skills and resources on expanding your core business.  There is widespread acknowledgement that outsourcing the audit work leads to greater recoverability of fees for accountants.

Professional Indemnity Insurance  

Outsourcing the audit functions reduces your risk profile and therefore your PI insurance premium.

Compliance Costs

Outsourcing the audit work reduces the training, updating office procedures and research for auditing services resulting in further savings for you.

Lead Advisor

Relieves you of the role of having to be the lead advisor to your SMSF clients on complex audit issues.

Quality Control

You can disclose the quality control to your clients by incorporating our specialist audit functions in your Quality Standards and Procrdures (APES 320).

What do you get?

Upon completion of the audit you will receive the completed audit report, the client’s documentation returned and a management letter with details, if deemed necessary, of any specific matter arising from the audit that needs to be brought to the attention of the trustees.